Lip Piercing

Lip piercing is any body piercing that is done on the lip. Both upper and lower lips can be pierced so these piercings are incredibly varied. There are numerous types, placements and styles of lip piercings. The most popular lip piercing in the world is the Labret piercing. This is a piercing done in the middle of the lower lip. It is so popular that many people call all lip piercings “labret” piercings. However, there are many other common lip piercing types, such as Madonna, Monroe, Jestrum, Medusa, and more. One important thing to remember about lip piercings is that these are both facial and oral piercings: one of their side is outside, on the face, but the other side is located inside of the mouth. This influences the aftercare: lip piercings require two types of aftercare combined. You need to clean them both as regular facial piercings and to apply special aftercare required for oral piercings.

Lip piercings can be done in pairs or groups to create special effects. Some of the most popular group lip piercings are known as “bites” piercings. These are groups of two or four piercings done in specific placements. Some of the most popular bites piercings include Snake bites, Angel bites, Dolphin bites, Canine bites, Dahlia, Cyber bites, Spider bites and Shark bites. These piercings are typically regular lip piercings with simple jewelry such as labret studs. What makes them special is the arrangement in which they are done. Those who wish to have a bites piercing should always wear matching jewelry in all of the piercings so they can be perceived as a group.