Labret is a popular lip piercing; in fact, it is the most popular piercing in the world. It is done centrally on the lower lip. This is a very attractive piercing that is also very stylish and can even be discreet, depending on the jewelry you use. Typical jewelry for labret piercings are labret studs. Labret piercings are so popular that some people refer to all lip piercings as “labrets”. This is not so much of a mistake but keep in mind that many lip piercings have their own individual names, such as Medusa (done centrally on the upper lip), Madonna and Monroe (done to the side of the upper lip), and so on.

Another meaning of the word labret refers to jewelry. Labret studs, sometimes called simply “labrets” are the most popular jewelry pieces for lip piercings. Labret studs consist of a straight and relatively short shaft. On one side of the shaft there is a bead or a gem in a setting. This is the main decoration of a labret stud. The other side has a flat and smooth end. This side goes inside of the mouth. It is important that this side is smooth and flat so it doesn’t damage the teeth or the inside of the mouth.