Labret Stud

Labret stud is a body jewelry piece typically made for lip piercings. This is a specially designed jewelry type that is both discreet and attractive. Made with lip piercings in mind, labret studs sit comfortably on the face and allow for undisturbed talking, eating and other mouth movements. Labret studs consist of a post and a ball on one end while the other end is typically flat. The flat end sits inside the mouth so it is important that it is smooth and safe enough not to hurt gums and teeth. The ball can be simple or ornamented with gems and other decorations. This relatively simple design makes labret studs very popular for numerous piercing types. The most common use of labret studs are lip piercings but they can also be used for many other piercing types such as ear piercings, nose piercings, eyebrow piercings, and more.

Labret studs as a jewelry type should not be confused with labrets as a piercing type. The most popular lip piercing (lower lip piercing done on the middle of the lip) is known as a Labret piercing. It uses labret studs as jewelry so this is how these studs got their names. However, Labret as a piercing is very different from the jewelry style so these two should not be confused.