Labret Stems

Labret stems, also known as labret studs, are specially body jewelry pieces mainly used for lip piercings. A labret stem consists of a short, straight body with a flat end on one side and a larger bead or a gem on the other. Labret stems are the most popular jewelry types for most of the lip piercings, such as labret piercing and many other lip piercings. However, it is possible to use labret stems for many other piercing types, such as certain ear piercings or other piercings. Labret stems are specially designed to be comfortable and safe. Since they are mainly designed for lip piercings, they need to protect the teeth and the inside of the mouth. This is why they have a smooth, flat end. This end is made to sit on the inside of the mouth. This flat end is made in such a way to minimize the risk of injuries to the mouth.

The other end of a labret stem is typically decorated because it sits on the outside where it can be seen. While some labret stems have tops that are smooth beads, others include beads with gems. Many labret stems have specially designed top that consist of a gem inside of a setting, such as a bezel or a prong setting. Some labret stems include zircons as gems but it is also possible to get labret stems with genuine gems or even real diamonds. Many labret stems are made of 14k nickel-free gold but they are also available in some other materials, such as Surgical Steel and titanium.