Labret Retainers

Labret retainers are special soft jewelry pieces made to hide and retain your labret piercing. These labret retainers can also be used for many other lip piercing types. They generally work for all piercings that use labret studs. Labret retainers are generally made of soft and flexible materials so they are very comfortable. Common materials for these retainers include silicone and various plastic materials. These are very soft and light so they don’t pose any problems. However, keep in mind that these materials are not suitable for long-term wear in your lip piercing.

Another advantage to labret retainers is that they can hide your lip piercing. Since most of these retainers are transparent, they are barely visible when you insert them into the piercing. It means that you can use labret retainers to hide your lip piercing or to minimize it. This is a good choice for all the situations in which you are not allowed to wear regular lip piercing jewelry, such as jobs, hospitals, airports, and more. While they don’t hide your piercing completely they sure make it less visible. However, keep in mind that you need to remove your labret retainer from time to time: these materials are generally not suitable for long term wear and can’t substitute regular labret jewelry.