Labret Piercing

Labret piercing is the most popular lip piercing in the world. It is performed centrally on the lower lip. While it can refer to any lip piercing, “labret” generally refers to a specific placement. Other placements are known under different names so “labret” typically refers to a piercing done centrally on the lower lip. This is a relatively easy piercing to perform but it is very important to do aftercare in order to prevent infections and other problems. Keep in mind that a labret piercing, just like other lip piercings, is both a facial and an oral piercing. It means that you need to perform aftercare prescribed for oral piercings and to make sure that your labret doesn’t cause damage to your gums and teeth. Labret piercings generally heal in about 2 to 4 months. Typical jewelry for a labret piercing is a labret stud. This is a common jewelry style for all lip piercings: a stud with a bead on the top and a flat ending in the back. The end side sits comfortably inside the mouth while the bead sits outside, on the lip.

Labret piercing (often known simply as “labret”) is so popular that some people refer to all lip piercings as “labrets”. Also, many people refer to labret studs (typical jewelry for labret and other lip piercings) as “labrets”. In other words, “labret” can mean different things to different people: a specific lip piercing, lip piercings in general or typical jewelry style for lip piercings. It is also important to know that there are some popular variations of a labret piercing placement. For example, vertical labret piercing is done vertically through the lower lip.