Labia (Outer)

Labia (outer) is part of the female anatomy: this is a major part of female vulva. Outer labia (outer lips) are relatively large and full of fatty tissue. They are positioned on either side of the vulva and hide the urethral and vaginal opening when the woman has her legs closed. This soft, pillow-like tissue determines the shape of woman’s vulva. Some women have very prominent outer labia while others have smaller ones. In any case, outer labia have relatively thick tissue which makes any piercing through this area deeper and more complex than inner labia piercing.

Outer labia piercing are a piercing on the outer labia. As noted above, this is a relatively thick tissue so the piercing might be more painful than inner labia piercing. However, this is not considered a particularly complex piercing and it usually doesn’t cause issues. It is possible to get one outer labia piercing but most women choose to have a pair of outer labia piercings, one on the each side. Since this is a relatively large area, it is possible to have more than one piercing on the each side. This is why there are many women with rows of outer labia piercings. Typical jewelry for outer labia piercing is a Captive Bead Ring or another type of a ring. It is important to say that this piercing doesn’t really enhance sexual pleasure so it is mainly done for the aesthetics.