Labia (Inner)

Labia (inner) are part of female anatomy located between the outer labia and vaginal entrance. Inner labia go up all the way to the clitoris and hide the urethral opening when the woman has her legs closed. Inner labia are sensitive so it can enhance pleasure if it’s rubbed or touched during intercourse. What is important to note is that inner labia has relatively thin skin so it is easily pierced.

Inner labia piercing is a piercing done on the inner labia. As noted above, the skin is relatively thin on this spot so it is easily pierced. This is why inner labia piercings are not too painful or extreme. It is possible to have only one piercing on the inner labia but most women choose to have both sides pierced so they wear jewelry in pairs. It is also possible to get a series of inner labia piercings, with more than one piercing on the each side. This piercing takes about 4 to 6 weeks to heal. Typical jewelry for inner labia piercings are Captive Bead Rings or other types of piercing rings. Some women even choose to wear circular barbells in their inner labia piercings. Keep in mind that inner labia piercing are mainly done for the aesthetics. While this area is very sensitive and can produce pleasurable feelings chances are that you will not experience much improvement in sexual pleasure with this piercing. Because of this, inner labia piercing are not considered a functional piercing. However, some women do report enhanced pleasure so this piercing is not just for the aesthetics.