Kuno, also known as Kuno piercing, is a foreskin piercing. This is a male genital piercing done at a precise spot on the foreskin, just under the end of the foreskin near the glans of the penis. This is one of the easiest and least painful male genital piercings. However, this piercing is limited to men who are uncircumcised or those who have enough foreskin left at the precise points to make this specific placement. One great thing about Kuno piercing is that it can mimic the look of a Prince Albert (PA) piercing without actually making a hole in the penis. This is a much quicker and comfortable piercing that gives you very striking appearance. Another good thing about the Kuno piercing is that it creates only one hole in the foreskin. The other side of the piercing (the exit hole) is the natural hole in the foreskin near the tip of the penis head.

Kuno piercings are relatively rare but they are very attractive. These piercings can look very elegant and a great thing about them is that they heal quickly and typically without any problems. Typical jewelry for a Kuno piercing is a Captive Bead Ring or another type of ring. The only small downside to Kuno piercings is that they are not functional. They don’t enhance sexual pleasure much, though there are men who know how to employ their Kuno piercing to experience arousing sensations during sex or masturbation.