Kuno Piercing

Kuno piercing is a male genital piercing on the foreskin. While there are several ways to pierce a foreskin and to make a foreskin piercing, Kuno is by far the most popular placement. Kuno piercing is done on the specific spot on the foreskin, just under the end of the foreskin near the penis head. The piercing makes only one hole in the foreskin because the other end of the piercing uses the natural opening in the foreskin. This is a relatively simple procedure that doesn’t bring much pain. This exact placement positions the jewelry under the penis head and it makes it resemble a Prince Albert (PA) piercing from afar. In order to get a Kuno piercing you have to be uncircumcised or to have enough of your foreskin left so it can be pierced. Typical jewelry for Kuno piercings are Captive Bead Rings (CBRs) or other piercing rings.

Most men who are not circumcised can get a Kuno piercing. Since this is a simple, quick and relatively painless procedure it is a good choice for those who wish to have a genital piercing but are unsure about the more extreme or painful options. Kuno piercing can look very stylish and it can attract attention to the penis. However, it is not considered particularly functional since it doesn’t enhance sexual pleasure much. That being said, some men find it pleasurable when the jewelry rubs against their penis when they move their foreskin up and down so it does provide some enhancement.