Kegel Barbell

Kegel barbell is a special device made for performing Kegel exercises. Also known as “Kegel exerciser”, a Kegel barbell can help the woman strengthen her pelvic floor muscles. This results in numerous benefits: it can help a lot with incontinence but is also great for sex. Stronger vaginal muscles mean a tighter and more elastic vagina, which enhances your enjoyment during sex. A woman will find out that she can contract her muscles in a pleasurable way during sexual intercourse. Kegel exercisers also make penetrative sex more pleasurable for the man. This is why Kegels are so popular and many women choose to perform these exercises.

While it is possible to do it without any equipment, Kegel exercises become much more effective if you use an exerciser. A Kegel barbell is a specially designed toy that is inserted into the vagina so the muscles are tightened around it. Kegel exercises become more fun and much more pleasurable when you use a Kegel barbell because it doubles as a very arousing sex toy. When inserted into the vagina it basically works as a sensual dildo you can use for masturbation. At the same time, this powerful Kegel exerciser will help you strengthen your muscles and enjoy sex more.