Joker Bites Piercing

Joker bites piercing, also known as Dahlia bites piercing, is a lip piercing that consists of two piercings at the corner of the mouth (one piercing at the each corner). This is a combination of the two piercings, which is a common way to create the so-called “bites” piercings. Bites piercings are popular lip piercings that consist of either two or four separate lip piercings. The lip piercings in question are regular lip piercings but they need to be done at specific spots on the lips. There are different rules on where to position the piercings to create various types of bites piercings. In order to have a bites piercing, you can either done each individual piercing first or you can do them all together during the same procedure. It is important to go to a reliable piercing studio and to get pierced by a professional to avoid any injuries, infections and other problems. These problems are easily avoided if you go to a professional, knowledgeable piercer.

Joker bites piercing is easy to form. All you need is one piercing at the right corner of your mouth and one at the left corner. This produces a very effective look. Joker bites piercing is one of the rare bites piercings that is actually not a combination of popular individual piercing. While it is possible to pierce just one corner of the mouth, most people choose to pierce both corners. In this sense, most of the piercings done at the corner of the mouth are Joker bites piercings. Typical jewelry for a Joker bites piercing is a labret stud.