Jewelled BCRs

Jewelled BCRs, also known as jeweled Ball Closure Rings, are piercing rings with jeweled beads. These Captive Bead Rings have a special removable bead that includes a jewel for a more attractive effect. Ball Closure Rings or Captive Bead Rings are the most popular piercing rings. These rings are typically round and are closed using a special bead. The loop of the ring is not fully closed so there is small space to insert the ball. There are several ways to insert the ball to close the ring of this kind. The ball can be popped in and out so it is not attached to the body of the ring. It means that it’s not always easy to open and close a BCR. This is why it’s best to use special ring opening and ring closing pliers for opening and closing Captive Bead Rings. These rings are very popular and can be used for a wide range of piercings. The most popular piercings that use Ball Closure Rings are earlobe piercings, eyebrow piercings, lip, tongue, ear cartilage, nipple piercings as well as many different genital piercings.

Jewelled BCRs are almost identical to regular Ball Closure Rings, with one difference. While regular Captive Bead Rings have a smooth bead, jewelled BCRs have a bead with a gem. This gem is there to make the ring more attractive and stylish. The gem is typically a small zircon but there are Captive Bead Rings that contain genuine gems. Jewelled BCRs generally come in many different colors of gems so you can choose the one that you like the best.