Jeweled Balls

Jeweled balls are decorated beads on numerous body jewelry pieces, such as barbells and rings. While some barbells and rings have simple, smooth and elegant balls, others are more ornamented. The easiest way to ornament a bead or a ball is to add a jewel. Jeweled balls are very popular and common with many different body jewelry pieces and styles. A nice, shiny gem or a jewel can add a new spark and elegance to an otherwise plain jewelry piece. It is therefore not surprising that there are many body jewelry designs that use jeweled balls and other gems.

Many body jewelry pieces offer a choice of jewel colors and other features so you can choose the ones you like the best. While some jewelry pieces have jeweled balls that use simple colored gems, others have semi-precious and precious stones as their gems. These jeweled balls add not only elegance but also make the jewelry piece more luxurious. The most luxurious option are body jewelry pieces with real diamonds. These jewelry pieces have jeweled balls with real diamonds so they are truly luxurious and elegant. If you want a body jewelry piece with jeweled balls you have a big choice of jewelry designs and styles. Almost anybody jewelry type that uses balls or beads (such as barbells, labret studs, rings, and more) also come in a variant with jeweled balls.