Jestrum Piercing

Jestrum piercing is a lip piercing done on the indent of the upper lip (philtrum). It is one of the variations of the popular Medusa piercing and it is actually known as a “vertical Medusa piercing”. Typical Medusa piercing is done on the philtrum (intent on the upper lip) and the jewelry sits in the indent while the other side of the jewelry is inside the mouth. As such, a Medusa piercing is part facial and part oral piercing. Jestrum piercing, on the other hand, goes vertically through the philtrum and has both sides of the jewelry visible on the lip. This gives a very striking look and can make your piercing very attractive.

One of the best things about a Jestrum piercing is that it gives you more jewelry options than a regular Medusa piercing. While a Medusa piercing, just like most other lip piercings, uses a simple labret stud as jewelry, you have more options with a Jestrum piercing. Most people use curved barbells with their Jestrum piercing but there are some who prefer straight barbells and other similar jewelry types.