Internal Threading

Internal threading is a special threading on body jewelry made for a safe and comfortable experience. Threaded jewelry is abody piercing jewelry in which parts of the jewelry (typically beads) are attached to the post using threading. The most popular type of threaded jewelry are barbells. Barbells consist of a shaft and two beads (one on each side). There are two types of threading that these body jewelry pieces can have: external threading and internal threading. Internally threaded jewelry has a hollow shaft and the balls are the ones with a threaded post. Externally threaded jewelry is the opposite: it has a shaft with a threaded post and balls are screwed onto it.

Internal threading is widely regarded as a much safer option than external threading. Internally threaded jewelry is considered high-quality, safe and comfortable so it is a hallmark of good craftsmanship. This is why you should opt for internal threading for your jewelry whenever you can. This jewelry protects your piercing because the body of the jewelry that goes inside the piercing is not threaded so there is no risk of hurting or injuring your piercing. This is particularly important for new piercings in healing so internal threading is a must for initial body jewelry pieces.