Information about piercings refers to all the info concerning piercings, piercing procedures, aftercare, body jewelry and other topics referring to piercings. Information about adult toys refers to all the info about various types of sex toys and how to choose the best and safest toys to use. This informative guide is specially written to provide information on all the major topics and terms in the piercing and adult toy industry. As such, it provides info ranging from different types of piercings to various types of body jewelry pieces and styles you can use. It also includes info about lesser-known topics, such as rare body modifications and tools that piercing artists use to perform procedures. It is important to get familiar with the lingo before you get your piercing so you can understand the procedure better.

This guide also provides information on various types of sex toys. Adult toys are very popular among men and women all around the world. We provide information on the most popular sex toys, such as dildos, vibrators and cock rings. Our guide also pays attention to the niche and lesser-known adult toys and devices, such as urethral toys, ball stretchers, E-stim toys or CBT (cock and ball torture) toys. This is important for those interested in BDSM and other types of kink. It is important to understand how these sex toys works, particularly in the case of extreme toys and painful pleasures. This is the only way to be informed and stay safe during various activities you may want to try with these toys.