Industrial Piercing

Industrial piercing is a special type of body piercing in which two different holes are connected with one jewelry piece. The jewelry in question is typically a straight barbell. The most popular type of an Industrial piercing is earing industrial, done on the ear cartilage. It involves two ear cartilage piercings connected with the same straight barbell. This is such a popular form of the Industrial piercing that many people consider ear industrial as the “real” Industrial piercing. However, it is important to note that Industrial piercings can be done almost anywhere on the body. The only rule to follow is to have two holes and one jewelry piece (typically a straight barbell).

Industrial piercings are often done in one go: both piercings are performed in one sitting. This is important to do because the piercer needs to position them properly so that they can be connected by one jewelry piece. During the healing time, some people choose to wear separate jewelry (for example, a Captive Bead Ring in the each of the piercings). However, some piercers recommend connecting the piercing holes with the barbell straight away so they don’t shift during healing and the proper placement is maintained. Typical jewelry for an Industrial piercing is the so-called “Industrial barbell”. This is a straight barbell with a very long post (shaft) so it accommodates the long distance between the two holes.