Implants are various devices that are inserted into the body, for medical or aesthetic purposes. Implants under the skin can be a type of body modification, generally in a form of beads or other ornaments. There are many different implants used in medicine, such as pacemakers, artificial joints and other implants. However, not all implants are medical. Some are done purely for the aesthetics, such as silicone implants in the breasts. Also, there are special types of implants that are done for the purpose of body modification. These are generally known as subdermal implants or beading. Beading is typically done on genitalia, though it is possible to get this type of beads on other body parts. These implants are generally inserted under the skin. The implant makes the skin raised and can be felt under the skin’s surface. These implants are done to create various types of changes and body modification. Genital beading involves inserting special beads under the skin of the penis, labia or other parts of genitalia. These genital beads enhance sexual sensations for the wearer and wearer’s partners during sexual intercourse.

Implants are generally positioned under the skin using a scalpel. A scalpel is used to create a pocked under the skin where an implant is inserted. In order for implants to be safe, they need to be made of bio-compatible materials. Also, it is crucial to hire a professional who has plenty of experience creating implants. This is the only way to avoid problems with this body modification.