Hypergranulation Dermal

Hypergranulation dermal is a problem that may happen with dermal piercings. Hypergranulations form as red bumps around the piercing, which can create further problems. With dermal piercings, it is even more problematic because there is only one piercing hole so hypergranulation can form around it. Hypergranulation dermal is one of the most common problems with dermal piercings. The good news is that they are not as serious as scars so they can often be remedied without retiring your piercing. However, it is important to notice a hypergranulation dermal as soon as it starts developing. Acting quickly will bring better results and will minimize the chances of further problems.

Dermal piercings have a higher risk of migration, rejection and other problems. This is why it is important to take a good care of your piercing in order to prevent these issues. Hypergranulation dermal is a common problem that may arise at any point, but typically during the healing time. A hypergranulation is a red bump that forms around the piercing hole. It is typically not big in size but it can hurt your piercing and it doesn’t look good. Some hypergranulations dermal may look like puffy, red tissue around the piercing hole but without a bump. In order to get rid of it, try applying light saline soaks on the piercing several times per day. Since hypergranulations dermal form around moist piercings, make sure to dry your piercing properly after a saline soak or a shower. Changing a dermal anchor for a more comfortable model may also help but make sure to visit your piercer to have your jewelry changed.