Hymen Piercing

Hymen piercing is a rare female genital piercing done through the hymen. There are not many examples of this piercing type but it is possible to have it if a person has a hymen. The piercing itself goes through the hymen, typically in the middle or the lower edge. The piercing touches the vagina on the back side, which makes it one of the rare female genital piercings that are actually vaginal piercings. Hymen piercing doesn’t have a specific placement so piercers decide on the best spot to pierce on a case to case basis. This is not a complex piercing but as usual, it is important to go to a professional piercer who is familiar with this piercing type. It is also vital to get pierced in a reliable piercing studio.

While this is not a complex piercing by any means, it is important to note that a hymen piercing is very rare. There are not many documented examples of it so it is relatively difficult to find a piercer who is experienced with it. Most of the people who receive this piercing are those with a non-damaged hymen (virgins) but it is important to note that there are also women with sexual experience who are able to receive this piercing. It all depends on how elastic the hymen is and how damaged it gets through sexual intercourse. If you are interested in a hymen piercing it is important to get informed about it and to search for a piercer who has experience performing these piercings.