Helix Piercing

Helix piercing is a popular ear cartilage piercing. It is the most common ear cartilage piercing in the world and it comes in numerous variations. Basically, any part of the helix can be pierced so there are many possible placements you can get with this piercing. Helix is typically defined as the part of the upper ear cartilage, which allows for numerous piercing variations, some of which have their own names. Typically, what is pierced is the rounded part on top of the ear (or close to it). This is a standard helix piercing placement but like noted above, it is just one of the many. This piercing is typically done at a small gauge. It is not unusual for people to have multiple helix piercings, often arranged in distinctive groups.

Typical jewelry for a helix piercing includes small Captive Bead Rings or simple studs. However, some people choose to use other types of rings or jewelry styles. A special type of helix piercing is an Industrial piercing. These are actually two piercing holes connected by the same jewelry piece, usually by a long straight barbell. It is important to make a good placement of the helix piercings that are to be connected by the same jewelry piece so the jewelry fits without tugging on the holes or injuring the piercings.