Hegar Sound

Hegar sound is a urethral sound made for urethral stimulation. It is probably the most popular urethral toy in the world. Modeled after real instruments that doctors use for examinations, Hegar sounds are elegant and comfortable urethral toys made for pleasure. Hegar sounds are slightly curved to fit the urethra perfectly. This slightly curved S shape slides into the urethra without much resistance and provides pleasurable massage to the urethral walls. A Hegar sound is a good beginner’s toy because it is smooth and comfortable so beginners can use it to start experimenting with urethral play. At the same time, a Hegar sound is a powerful toy that can produce many intense sensations so even experienced users like to play with them.

Hegar sounds typically come in kits, though it is possible to buy an individual Hegar sound if you just want to use one. However, sounding kits are a better way to go because they offer numerous sizes so you can experience many different sensations. A Hegar sound has endings of different sizes (different thickness) so it means that you get the doubleof the number of the sounds in the kit. For example, if the sounding kit contain 6 Hegar sounds you actually get 12 sizes to experiment with.