Head Ring

Head ring, also known as glans ring, is a special cock ring worn under the penis head. These rings make the head of the penis bigger, harder and more sensitive. A good head ring can make masturbation and sex more exciting. This is why head rings are so popular and widely used. A head ring resembles a regular cock ring in many ways. In fact, some cock rings can be used as glans ring as long as the size is adequate. While regular cock rings are worn around the base of the penis a head ring is positioned right under the penis head. A regular cock ring will make the erection harder and more powerful. Since a head ring is worn around the glans of the penis, it cannot make the whole penis harder. It can only enhance the penis head. In this sense, head rings and regular cock rings have a different purpose. Even though a head ring cannot enhance the erection it does make the penis head harder. This is enough for those who simply want to make their penis head bigger and more sensitive.

Many head rings come as parts of other sex toys. For example, there are certain anal toys that also include a glans ring on the top. Many penis plugs also come with a head ring. Penis plugs are inserted into the pee hole so they need something to prevent them from slipping out. A sturdy head ring helps with that. At the same time, such a ring also provides additional stimulation so it makes the experience of urethral play even more exciting. These are just some examples of sex toys that come equipped with a head ring.