Hand Web

Hand web piercing is a piercing through the web of the hand, typically between the forefinger and thumb or forefinger and middle finger. This is a popular piercing on the hand but it is important to understand that it comes with a very high rate of rejection. The rejection mainly comes from the high mobility of the web of the hand. This is why all those who want to get a hand web piercing need to prepare that their piercing will be only temporary. Another way to increase your chances of a successful hand web piercing is to find a reliable piercer with plenty of experience performing hand web piercings. This is the only way to prolong the time you will enjoy this highly attractive an unusual piercing.

A hand web piercing is not particularly complex to perform but it needs to be done carefully to minimize the risk of rejection and other problems. This piercing can heal very quickly, in just two months. However, many people claim that their hand web piercing took a lot of time to heal, around 6 months or even a year. Typical jewelry for a hand web piercing is a short barbell or a Captive Bead Ring.