Hafada, also known as Hafada piercing, is a type of a male genital piercing. It is done on the scrotum and it is a form of a surface piercing since it doesn’t go deep in the tissue. As such, a Hafada piercing is not particularly painful. This is a great way to get a genital piercing that is not traumatic or sensitive. Hafada piercing is done on the skin of the scrotum and it doesn’t penetrate deeper in the tissue. It doesn’t go from one side of the scrotum to another: if you want something like that, it is a much more serious and extreme piercing known as Transscrotal procedure. A Hafada piercing is relatively simple since it affects only the skin on the scrotum. This makes it a relatively easy piercing to perform but keep in mind that it is a surface piercing. As such, it has a higher risk of problems such as migration and rejection.

A Hafada can be done almost anywhere on the scrotum. Most people choose to have it centrally but other placements are also possible. Many men choose to have multiple Hafada piercings going from top to bottom of their scrotum. This is known as a Hafada ladder. For some people, it is simply a continuation of the Frenum ladder done on the shaft of the penis. There are some people who havea row of piercings going down all the way from the underside of the penis to the perineum. All of these piercings, including Hafada, typically use rings as their jewelry.