Hafada Piercing

Hafada piercing is a male genital piercing on the scrotum. It is one of the most popular male genital piercings and it’s often done for the aesthetics. One important thing to remember about Hafada is that this is a surface piercing. It does not go deep into the scrotum and it doesn’t pierce testicular tissue. Those interested in a piercing that goes all the way through the scrotum should try transscrotal procedures. These are body modifications that go deep into the testicular tissue and make a hole into the scrotum. Hafada, on the other hand, only goes through the skin on the scrotum. As such, this is a surface piercing and it’s neither particularly complex nor painful.

Hafada is a relatively easy piercing to perform. It is typically done centrally on the scrotum but you may choose a different placement. Many men opt to have multiple Hafada piercings, typically going down centrally on the scrotum (it is known as a Hafada ladder). This Hafada ladder is often an extension of a Frenum ladder that goes on the underside of the penis all the way down to the scrotum. Typical jewelry for Hafada piercings are Captive Bead Rings, curved barbells and straight barbells. One thing to remember about Hafada piercings is that they are prone to migration and rejection. The skin on the scrotum is very loose and flexible, which makes Hafada piercings easy to migrate and reject. As such, these piercings can suffer from all the usual problems associated with surface piercings.