Guyon Sounds

Guyon sounds are extreme urethral toys made for extra deep and intense stimulation. Since these are very powerful and extreme toys they are recommended only to the most experienced users. Guyon sounds are made only for those users who like very deep and intense stimulation. These sounds are suitable for extreme stimulation of the urethra and prostate. There are many fans of urethral stimulation who like to go deep but Guyon sounds are made for even more extreme users. These sounds have a very pronounced curve that resembles a hook so it produces very extreme sensations. It is important to be aware of this before you choose Guyon sounds for your urethral play. Keep in mind that these extreme toys are made for specific users who appreciate kink and painful pleasures. As such, they are not made for general users of urethral toys. You need to be very experienced to use Guyon sounds.

Guyon sounds have a characteristic shape. They have a very pronounced curve so the overall design resembles hooks or a question mark. It is clear how this design can produce very intense and extreme sensations. Guyon sounds are specially designed for very intense and extreme forms of deep urethral stimulations. They are niche type of urethral toys made for those who have enough experience and like extreme stimulation. In order to use Guyon sounds you need to be extra aware of all the possible risks and to know how to keep yourself safe during urethral play.