Guiche Piercing

Guiche piercing is a male genital piercing on the perineum. While this is not the most popular male genital piercing there are many men who like it. The main reason is because it provides added stimulation and enhances sexual pleasure for the wearer. The perineum is a very sensitive area so a piercing on the perineum can be very arousing. This piercing is typically placed between the scrotum and the anus, though the exact placement will depend on the man’s anatomy and preferences. It is usually done centrally, across the raphe (midline of the penis). However, other placements are also possible: some men, for example, choose to have Gucihe piercings done laterally.

Guiche is not a complex piercing to perform but the piercer needs to be experienced enough to get the best possible placement. This piercing is something between a regular and a surface piercing so it might require special care. It is very important to perform adequate aftercare and clean your Guiche properly since it is placed on a spot that can get dirty easily. Typical jewelry for Guiche piercings are Captive Bead Rings, though some people opt for other types of body piercing rings or circular barbells. Since the skin on the perineum is loose and flexible it is possible to stretch your Guiche piercing relatively easily. Stretched Guiche piercings require large gauge jewelry, such as plugs or flesh tunnels. Keep in mind however, that stretched Guiche piercings and large jewelry can prove to be uncomfortable while sitting and walking.