Gold Gauges

Gold gauges are special jewelry pieces made for stretched earlobes and other large gauge piercings. These jewelry pieces are made of gold so they add a luxurious touch to your stretched piercings. It is important to understand that the word “gauge” is sometimes used to refer to jewelry but it is a misconception. Gauge is the size of the piercing hole and the diameter of the jewelry piece that corresponds to this hole. In this sense, a gauge is a measurement and it doesn’t refer to jewelry itself. Still, there are many people who refer to their jewelry as “gauges”. This is particularly common in the case of jewelry made for stretched earlobes, such as ear plugs, flesh tunnels, earlets (eyelets), and more. Keep this in mind when you start searching for the best jewelry for your stretched piercings.

In this sense, gold gauges are gold jewelry pieces made for stretched earlobes and other stretched piercings. These are typically made of 14k nickel-free gold and they can look very attractive. These gold gauges make a nice change from the usual stretched jewelry pieces. They are more elegant and luxurious so they are ideal for the more formal occasions. They are also a good choice when you want to look your best. Just make sure to use gold gauges made of high-quality gold since it is safe for the body.