Glass Jewelry

Glass jewelry is body jewelry made of glass. Glass is a beautiful body jewelry material because it comes in many colors and natural patterns so it produces very striking jewelry pieces. It is important to note that glass jewelry is one of the organic body jewelry materials. Other common organic body jewelry materials include wood, bone, horn and stone. Along with glass, these organic materials make for some very beautiful jewelry pieces. Glass jewelry, just like other organic jewelry, is typically made for large gauge piercings. These are typically stretched piercings. The most popular type of these piercings is stretched earlobe. However, it is possible to use glass jewelry for other stretched piercings.

The most popular jewelry styles made of glass are ear plugs. Since glass is heavy and solid, it goes well with the ear plug design. Some glass ear plugs are without flares but double flared plugs are also popular. Sometimes, flesh tunnels and earlets are made of glass though this is rarer. Another popular glass jewelry style made for stretched earlobes is spiral. There are many different spiral designs to choose from, such as a classical spiral, twist, headhunters, carnival, Egyptian staff or boomerang design. If you wish to use glass jewelry for your stretched piercing keep in mind that it is not made for long-term wear. Also, you should never wear it in new or newly stretched piercings.