Glans Ring

Glans ring is a special type of a cock ring made for the penis head. Unlike a typical cock ring that goes around the base of the penis or around the shaft, a glans ring is positioned around the penis head (glans of the penis). As such, the ring is made to stimulate the glans and to make the penis head bigger and more sensitive. Glans rings are typically positioned under the head of the penis. During an erection, the glans enlarges so the ring stays in place. Glans rings can be made of many different materials but the most common material is Surgical Steel. These rings are smooth yet sturdy so they provide good stimulation for the penis head.

Glans rings are somewhat unique penis rings. Unlike typical cock rings that are used for enhancing erections and making penis harder, glans rings affect only the penis head. They cannot improve the erections. However, a good glans ring will make the penis head bigger and harder, which will enhance the sensations for the wearer and his partner. Glans rings can come as individual sex toys or in the combination with other sex toys. For example, many penis plugs include a glans ring for additional stimulation and to keep the penis plug in place.