Glands Ring

Glands ring, better known as a glans ring, is a type of a cock ring that is positioned around the head of the penis. In other words, this is a ring for the glans of the penis. Some people call these sex toys “glands rings” so it is important to understand that is the same thing as a glans ring. Typical cock rings are made to be positioned around the base of the penis. A glands ring, on the other hand, goes just under the penis head. This ring is very good for making your penis head harder and bigger. A glands ring is also there to make the head of the penis more sensitive, thus providing a very arousing experience. The best way to position a glands ring is under the head of the penis. It can’t fall out because the penis gets bigger and thicker during the erection so a glands ring stays in place.

There are many different glands rings to try. They are made of many different materials. However, the most common and best quality material for a glands ring is Surgical Steel. It is very sturdy yet smooth so it really makes for a great stimulation of the penis head. Keep in mind that since a glands ring is positioned around the head of the penis and not the base, this ring can’t really make the whole penis harder. It is not a cock ring for enhancing erections. However, a good glans ring is there to make the penis head bigger and more sensitive so it provides many arousing sensations for the wearer and his partners.