Genital Beads

Genital beads are special beads that are implanted under the skin of the penis. This creates heightened sensations and a more intense experience for the wearer and his partners. Some people also use genital beads for the aesthetic reasons. While genital beads are most commonly used on the shaft of the penis, it is important to note that there are also some women who use genital beads on their genitalia. Beads are carefully implanted under the skin in a procedure that resembles the making of a Frenum piercing. The only difference is that the jewelry is left inside of the piercing hole. Once that the piercing hole is healed, the bead stays trapped inside. This procedure is made either with a scalpel or a large gauge piercing needle.

The process of implanting genital beads is typically not complex, but it does require the creation of two holes (entrance and exit holes) and it can take a while if the customer wants many beads implanted under the skin. Once the holes are healed the beads can be felt under the skin, where they act as a sensual texture during intercourse. The beads provide additional stimulation for the wearer and his partners, which can be very arousing and erotic. While not all people like the feeling of genital beads there are many fans of this body modification so it is more common than some people think.