Gemstones are specially cut and polished pieces of mineral used for jewelry and other decorations. Many body jewelry pieces use gemstones to add value and beauty to the jewelry. There are many different gemstones you can choose for your piercing jewelry. While the basic gems on jewelry pieces are zircons, it is also possible to have precious and semi-precious gemstones in your jewelry. Precious stones include diamond, ruby and emerald. All of the other gemstones are considered semi-precious. There are also some gemstones that are not mineral, such as amber and lapis lazuli. Gemstones are typically translucent and are used in body jewelry to add value and beauty to a piece.

Gemstones can be cut in many different ways to create various shapes. The most popular gemstone cuts include round, oval marquise, emerald, princess, pear, triangle, trillion and heart. Gemstones are attached to the jewelry piece using various settings. Some settings provide more security to the gem so they are considered better. The most popular settings for gemstones and other gems are bezel setting and prong setting. A bezel setting is a metal setting that wraps around a gemstone. A prong setting has three or more prongs – metal tines that hold the gemstone in place. There are jewelry pieces with four, six, seven and more prongs. Generally speaking, jewelry pieces that have more prongs to hold the gemstone are considered more secure.