Frowny Piercing

Frowny piercing is an oral piercing that is considered an opposite of a Smiley piercing: Frowny piercing is done on the lower frenulum and the jewelry sits in front of the lower teeth. As such, it can be considered a variant of a lip frenulum piercing. Unlike Smiley, which uses the upper frenulum that connects the upper lip to the gum line, the Frowny piercing goes through the lower frenulum. Lower frenulum is a thin piece of tissue that connects the lower lip with the gums. Just like a Smiley piercing, Frowny piercing is difficult to see unless the person talks. Some people say that it is easier to see when the person frowns, hence the name. However, it is possible that the name of a Frowny piercing simply comes from the fact that it makes the opposite to the Smiley piercing.

Just like a Smiley, Frowny piercing is not particularly complex nor extreme. Since the frenulum is thin and easy to pierce, this piercing is easy to perform. Typical jewelry for a Frowny piercing is a small gauge Captive Bead Ring. Since the frenulum of the lip is thin and gentle it is important not to use any overly heavy or big jewelry for this piercing.