Frenum Jewelry

Frenum jewelry is body jewelry used for Frenum and Lorum genital piercings. Typical Frenum jewelry includes straight barbells, Captive Bead Rings and circular barbells. Frenum is a popular type of male genital jewelry so there are plenty jewelry pieces you can use. This piercing is done on the underside of the penis, typically centrally. Many Frenum piercings are positioned high on the penis, just on the underside of the glans. However, it is possible to position these piercings on the whole penis shaft, even down to the base of the penis. Such low Frenum piercings are known as Lorum piercings. These are essentially various placements of the same piercing. Why is this important? Because all of these piercings use same jewelry types known as frenum jewelry.

Frenum jewelry is not complex: those are typically comfortable piercing rings. They need to be smooth so they don’t harm the penis. Many people choose to have more than one Frenum piercing so it is important to match jewelry pieces. It is not uncommon to have a row of Frenum piercings going down the penis to the base. Such rows of piercings are known as Frenum ladders. If you have a Frenum ladder it is important to use the same jewelry types for all the piercings so they appear as part of a group. For example, it is useful to use the same Captive Bead Ring type for all your Frenum piercings. By matching your Frenum jewelry you are ensuring that all of your Frenum piercings are viewed as part of the same group or as one large body modification.