Foreskin Piercing

Foreskin piercing is any piercing that goes through the foreskin of the penis. Generally speaking, a man needs to be uncircumcised to be able to get this piercing, though it depends on the circumcision and the amount of the foreskin left. Foreskin piercing is a male equivalent of the female clitoral hood piercing. While it is not as popular as clitoral piercing, foreskin piercing can be very stylish. Since not much of tissue is pierced this piercing is a great way to have a non-extreme genital piercing. The procedure is generally done fast and without much pain. This is an excellent piercing for those men who wish to have a genital piercing but don’t want anything too painful or extreme.

A foreskin piercing can be performed anywhere on the foreskin, though certain placements are more popular. For example, Kuno piercing is a foreskin piercing done on the specific spot on the foreskin under the glans. However, there are many other placements possible. Typical jewelry for foreskin piercing is a Captive Bead Ring or another type of a ring, though some men choose other jewelry pieces, such as small barbells. When choosing the right jewelry for your foreskin piercing make sure to use only relatively light pieces since heavy jewelry can hurt and injure the foreskin.