Forchette Piercing

Forchette piercing, also known as fourchette piercing is a female genital piercing done on the perineum. The piercing starts at the lower rim of the vulva and exits on the perineum. It is important to note that a woman has to have a distinctive, pinchable flap of skin on this area to make fourchette piercing possible. Not all women have this pinchable piece of skin, which means that they are not anatomically built for a forchette piercing. If you are interested in this piercing make sure to book a consultation with an experienced piercer who can examine you and determine whether you can accommodate a forchette piercing or not. In a way, forchette piercing can be seen as a female version of the male guiche piercing, though the two are not identical because fourchette goes partially through the vulva. Some placements even go through a bit of the vaginal tissue but it can lead to migrations, rejections and other problems.

If you want to get a fourchette piercing you need to find an experienced piercer who is specialized in genital peircings and has plenty of experience performing forchette piercings. Keep in mind that all genital peircings are sensitive and you need someone with an experience. However, the piercing itself is not known to be particularly extreme nor painful. It tends to heal relatively fast, in around five to seven weeks. It is important to pay attention to hygiene during the healing time due to the sensitiveness of the area. Typical jewelry for a fourchette piercing is a curved barbell but many people choose to use circular barbells or Captive Bead Rings.