Fistula is a skin tube that forms when the piercing heals. The tube connects two ends of the piercing and it includes fibrous tissue and scar tissue. A proper formation of fistula during healing is an imperative because it makes for a healthy and problem-free healed piercing. This is why it is so important to perform adequate aftercare during the healing process and to clean your piercing carefully. When a piercing is performed, the healing kicks in immediately. It basically involves the creation of a fistula. Fistula plays an important role during the healing process because it provides proper drainage. Once the fistula is healed it has a shape of a flesh tube that protects the piercing.

Since a fistula is so important for the piercing, it is crucial to perform adequate aftercare that will allow your body to form a strong fistula. Cleaning your piercing a few times per day with a saline solution is important during the healing. You should also remove the accumulated debris around the piercing hole during cleaning. This should be done slowly and carefully so it doesn’t hurt the fistula in healing. Most of the time, a fistula heals without a problem and you can keep your new piercing. However, it is also possible for your body to reject a piercing. In these cases a fistula doesn’t form so the jewelry gets pushed out of the body. In order to prevent rejection it is important to take a good care of your piercing during the healing process.