Female Piercing

Female piercings is a body piercing on female genitalia. Also known as female genital piercings, these include all piercings done around the vulva, clitoris and other parts of female genitals. Some of female piercings are specific to the female anatomy while others are the same (or very similar) to male genital piercings. Some of the female piercings have their male counterparts. Female piercings are considered intimate piercings and they are more popular than general population may think. The most common reasons for getting a female piercing is sexual pleasure and aesthetics. Many of these piercings can enhance sexual pleasure and improve orgasms, so this is the main reason women choose to get them. Also, female piercings look very beautiful and attractive so the aesthetics is the important reason for choosing a female piercing.

There are many different female piercings to choose. The most common ones are done on the clitoral hood: Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) piercing and Horizontal Clitoral Hood (HCH) piercing. Keep in mind that these only go through a thin piece of tissue around clitoris and not the clitoris itself. A true clitoral piercing also exists, but is much rarer. Other popular types of female piercings include Triangle piercing, Inner and Outer labia piercing and Fourchette piercing. Some of the rarer forms of female piercings include Princess Albertina, clitoral piercing and Christina piercing.