Fake Body Jewelry

Fake body jewelry, also known as faux body jewelry, is jewelry for those who don’t have a piercing but want to simulate the look of a pierced body part. Fake body jewelry is ideal for those who want to have stylish piercing jewelry without actually having to go through the piercing procedure. This jewelry quickly gives an impression that you have a pierced nose, lip or another body part, all without having to get an actual piercing. This is an ideal scenario for those who are scared of piercing pain or don’t want to actually have holes in their skin. It is also good for prevent scars and other problems that may arise with piercings. Fake body jewelry is also a quick solution for those who wish to temporarily have a look of a pierced body part but not wanting to actually get a real piercing.

There are many different fake body jewelry pieces available. Among the most popular ones are small hoops for the nose that attach themselves on the nostril and make it seem like you have a pierced nostril. Another popular piece is a septum hoop that attaches on the septum. You may also try false navel clips or various jewelry clips that easily attach to the ear. It is also possible to create an illusion of a stretched earlobe with the use of faux ear plugs.