Extreme Body Modification

Extreme body modification is any change to the body that goes beyond what is considered “regular” body modification (regular piercings, tattoos and the like). It is said that these modifications are extreme, either in size, shape or effect they produce for the body. Since “extreme” is a subjective word it is important to remember that what may seem as “too much” for one person might not be a big deal for the other. Because of this, extreme body modifications are typically considered those that significantly alter the look or functionality of a body part and that are permanent in nature. A regular piercing or a tattoo, for example, are generally not considered extreme. A big facial tattoo or a large gauge cheek piercing, on the other hand, are typically considered more extreme.

There are some very extreme body modifications that only certain people choose to get. These go beyond tattoos and piercings and permanently alter the body. Many of these modifications are done on the genitalia. For example, transscrotal procedures or meatotomy are considered extreme body modifications. The same goes for all forms of bisection, which involves splitting a body part. The most popular form of this modification is tongue splitting but there are also some people who request a genital bisection. There are also certain piercings that are done at very large gauges that are considered extreme. All of these extreme body modifications are more like surgical procedures than typical piercings and require specially trained professionals.