Earlets, also known as eyelets, are special jewelry pieces designed for stretched piercings. They are typically used for stretched earlobe piercings but they can work for many other piercing types, too. Earlets have a distinctive shape: they are typically round but hollow in the middle. This way, it is possible to see through the piercing hole. It produces a very striking effect, particularly if the piercing is stretched to larger gauges. In many ways, earlets resemble flesh tunnels or are almost identical to them. In fact, some people consider earlets (eyelets) and flesh tunnels to be the same thing. One subtle difference between the two is that earlets are typically made in one piece: they are hollow tubes with flares on one or both ends. Flesh tunnels, on the other hand, typically have one removable end that can be screwed back on when the jewelry is inside the ear. However, these are not the absolute differences so you will find some variations in the earlet and flesh tunnel designs. These variations may sometimes obscure the differences between earlets and flesh tunnels.

Earlets are typically made of metal. The safest metals to use are titanium and 316 LVM Surgcical Steel. However, there are also earlets made of other materials, such as soft ones (acrylic) or those made of organic materials such as wood, stone, glass horn or bone. These earlets are beautiful but should not be worn in newly stretched piercings and they are not designed or a long-term wear.