Ear Piercings

Ear piercings are among the most common piercings and are very popular even among those who don’t like other piercings. The ear is small but there are many spots to pierce so there are numerous ear piercing types. The most popular and common ear piercing is an earlobe piercing. This is such a common piercing that many people don’t even count it as a “real” piercing, even though it is a true piercing. At the same time, earlobe piercings are socially acceptable even for people who otherwise don’t approve of other piercing types so these piercings are definitely different than others. In addition to regular earlobe piercings, there are also some other earlobe piercing types, such as vertical lobe piercing or transverse lobe piercing. It is also important to note that it is possible to stretch your regular earlobe piercing to very large gauges and create a special, stretched earlobe piercing type. If you choose to do this there are many large gauge ear jewelry pieces you can use, such as ear plugs, flesh tunnels and earlets.

Despite earlobe’s popularity, it is not the only part of the ear that can be pierced. Quite the contrary: most earlobe piercings are those done on the ear cartilage. Basically all of the spots on the ear cartilage can be pierced and many have their specific names. The most popular ear cartilage piercings include helix, tragus, inner and outer conch, daith, rook, and more. It is also possible to create two holes on the ear cartilage and connect it with the same straight barbell to create an Industrial piercing.