Ear Piercing

Ear piercing is among the most popular piercings in the world. Even though the ear is small, there are many different spots to pierce. As a result, there are many different piercings that can be called ear piercings. Most commonly, “ear piercing” refers to the earlobe piercing. Earlobe is absolutely the most commonly pierced body part. Earlobe piercings are so popular and socially accepted that some people do not even regard to them as “real” piercings, even though they are. Earlobe piercings use many different jewelry types, from plain body jewelry pieces to the more unusual earring styles. There are too many earring types to mention but it is important to know that this is one of the rare piercings that can use regular jewelry that is not specially made for body piercings. Earlobe piercing is a relatively simple piercing that can be performed quickly. It is done on the soft part of the earlobe, typically in the middle. However, there are certain special varieties of earlobe piercings, such as transverse lobe piercing or horizontal piercing. Also, it is possible to stretch your earlobe piercing to a larger gauge, which results in a stretched lobe piercing.

While earlobe piercings are the most popular, they are certainly not the only ear piercings you can get. There are many ear cartilage piercings you can try, such as helix piercing, tragus, anti-tragus, inner and outer conch, rook, daith, and more.