Dolphin Piercing

Dolphin piercing is a male genital piercing done one the underside of the penis, starting just under the penis head and exiting lower on the shaft. Keep in mind that a Dolphin piercing is a penis piercing and it’s not the same as Dolphin Bites piercing, which is a form of a lip piercing. Dolphin piercing typically uses the same spot as the popular Prince Albert (PA) piercing: Dolphin piercing starts where PA piercing ends, on the central spot on the underside of the glans. While PA piercing starts at the pee hole and exists on the underside of the glans, a Dolphin piercing starts at the underside of the glans and exits lower on the shaft. This is a somewhat new piercing but it is gaining popularity because it looks good and it can enhance sexual pleasure. On the inside of the penis it typically goes through the urethra, so it provides some stimulation for those who like urethral play.

If you want to get a Dolphin piercing, it helps if you already have a PA. In this case, you can simply expand your Prince Albert into a Dolphin or use its hole. If you want to do this make sure that your original PA piercing is fully healed before you make it into a Dolphin. Typical jewelry for a Dolphin piercing is a curved barbell, though other barbell designs are also possible. Keep in mind that Dolphin piercings are typically long and done at a larger gauge so the jewelry is often on the heavy side.