Dittle Sounds

Dittle sounds, also known as Dittel sounds, are urethral toys made for intense yet comfortable urethral play. These sounds have one regular and one flat end, which makes them suitable for attaching E-stim toys or other additions. This is a great way to add something extra to your play. Dittle sounds are considered very comfortable so they are suitable even for beginners who wish to try urethral stimulation for the first time. These sounds typically come in kits so you get sounds of many different sizes (thicknesses). When choosing the best sound to start with, pick the one that has about the same diameter as your urethra. You should stay away from toys that are too thin or too thick for your urethra, especially if you are a beginner user.

Dittle sounds are great beginner toys you can use to great satisfaction. With the help of some lube, they go in nicely and are perfect for those who like regular (not too deep) urethral stimulation. The flat end is excellent for holding onto it so it makes a perfect handle. It is easy to control the sound by holding the flat end of the sound. However, this flat end makes so much more than just a simple handle. It is ideal for connecting your Electro Stimulation toys. Those who are into electro sex will love Dittle sounds because they work perfectly with E-stim devices. If you want to try Electro Stimulation make sure to use only special devices and toys made for this purpose. This is the only way to stay safe during E-stim experimentation.