Dilator Penis

Dilator penis, also known as penis dilator, is a special toy made for penis enlargement. There are two types of dilator penis: one that is used for general penis enlargement and the one that is used to enlarge the urethra. Many people want to have a bigger penis so they use various penis enhancement devices. These penis dilators work by enlarging the length and girth of a penis, particularly the erect one. For example, there are many effective penis pumps you can use for penis enlargement. Particularly effective dilator penis pumps are hydro pumps. These pumps create vacuum using the water so the suction is strong and results are visible. These pumps may be a good choice for those looking to enlarge their penis.

The other type of dilator penis device are urethral stretchers. These are urethral toys made for enlarging the urethra. There are many people who enjoy the feeling of urethral stimulation. However, in order to be able to use urethral toys you need to have urethra of an appropriate size. Most people can only use specific urethral toys until they enlarge their urethra. There are special toys, known as penis dilators or penis stretchers and penis trainers. These dilator penis toys are used to stretch the urethra so it can accept larger toys.