Dick Plug

Dick plug, also known as a penis plug, is a popular urethral toy that comes in many different designs. Dick plugs are typically shorter than urethral sounds and often include a glans ring. These are very popular urethral toys among beginners who want to try urethral stimulation for the first time. However, there are also many experienced users who like dick plugs because of varied feelings these toys can bring. Penis plugs come in many different sizes, lengths, girths and shapes. Many of them have a pronounced texture or a glans ring. It makes these toys very varied so they can provide very specific sensations. In fact, penis plugs are the most varied urethral toys and this is why many people choose to have many different models of dick plugs.

There are popular “classic penis plugs” that are short, smooth and have a gently tapered end for easy insertion. These are ideal for beginners. There are also penis plugs with flexible parts that make for a more comfortable experience. Some penis plugs are hollow – they have a so-called “cum thru hole” so all the fluids can pass freely. Other dick plugs are solid so they prevent the semen from being ejaculated from the penis. There are many dick plugs with pronounced textures and special waves made for additional stimulation. A special type of a dick plug is the one with a glans ring. This penis plug comes with a glans ring that is positioned around the head of the penis. This way, the ring prevents the dick plug from moving out of the penis and it provides additional stimulation during use.